headbandPhoto by Eigenes Photo. Used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License

When most people think of headbands, they think of the cute plastic arches that adorn the heads of young girls in pigtails. However, as the biggest runway shows of the season have proven, the headband is back and is definitely considered a high fashion accessory for spring 2013. In order to make sure that you don’t look like you have just escaped the playground, here are a few simple steps to updating your headband to a fabulous – and oh-so-adult – look.


The first step to updating your headband look is to make sure that you only pick one overtly girly feature. This does not mean that you can’t choose a fabulous pastel color or a big girly bow. One girly feature gives you a great feminine vibe. However, more than one makes it look like you borrowed the headband from a second grader.


When picking your perfect headband, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Headbands on the runways this spring featured patterned turbans, mod bows, and thick, metallic bands. Let your own personal fashion sense inform the type of headband that you choose and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, styles, and patterns. Everything from scarfs to spikes are popping up on people’s heads.


Another important factor to keep in mind when wearing a headband is what you will choose for the rest of your ensemble. To give your headband an updated, adult vibe, make sure that you stay away from a younger-looking outfit. During the day, match your headband with your blazer or suit. At night, considering pairing it with your favorite little black dress. Updating your ensemble to a more adult, sophisticated look will make your headband stand out and give your overall ensemble a chic and sophisticated look.


The last step to updating your headband look is to pay attention to your hair. Many fashion experts agree that headbands look best on smooth hairdo. However, the fashion runways this spring put headbands on a variety of hairdos. Experiment with up-dos (both smooth and messy styles), braids, and curls. Different headbands will work best with different hairstyles so don’t be afraid to try different looks for different accessories. Just make sure that you pick the hairstyle that best emphasizes the headband.

With these simple steps you can make sure that you are rocking the headband look all season long.