red earring

In an illustration found in the ancient city of Persepolis (in Persia), the artist depicts a group of soldiers. On the ears of those soldiers are earrings. This illustration is the first known record or earrings being worn by humans.


Iraq is the first country on record to manufacturer earrings (with pieces dating back to 2500BC). The Roman Empire saw earrings as a symbol of status and luxury. Earrings have been found in almost every civilization, though their popularity has gone through many different cycles.


The first decrease in the popularity of earrings happened during the Medieval Age. Fashion trends at the time focused on dresses that were extremely detailed and elaborate hairstyles. With the focus on the hair and the dress, earrings became less important to the overall look.


However, they didn’t stay down forever. By the 17th century, the fashion shifted once again. This time the Italian courts dictated the look of the day, which included lower necklines and more subdued hairstyles. With this change, earrings once again became a focal point for jewelry wearers. In fact, in the upper classes, the owning and wearing of earrings was seen as a bragging right – it meant that the woman’s husband could afford to adorn his wife with frivolous trinkets.


The next shift away from earrings came in the 19th century. At this time, fashion dictated that women wear bonnets and hairstyles that covered the ears. This fall from grace did not last long, however, and by the turn of the century, hairstyles shifted back to elegant chignons that begged for earring adornment. It was during this time that clip-on earrings were invented, which were seen as the most sanitary option for earring wearers.


Today, earrings are the most popular type of jewelry. They are seen as elegant ornaments and can help tie your entire outfit together or give it an extra spark. When most people think of earrings, they think of a single earring that is located in the middle of the earlobe. However, there are at least eight different spots where the ear can be pierced.

Modern earrings come in almost any type of shape, size, color, or material that you can think of, making them an extremely versatile fashion piece. Earrings can follow specific trends (such as modern, minimalistic, or vintage) or belong to a more classical style. This variety allows everyone the opportunity to find the earring that works for her individual style, comfort, and outfit.