accessorize a t-shirt and jeansWe’ve all been there.  Standing in front of your closet at the beginning of the day, trying to decide what to wear. For those days where you just can’t decide, here are a few ways to take the most basic of outfits – a t-shirt and jeans – and turn it into something exciting.


A t-shirt and jeans gives you a great, blank canvas, one that allows you to make your outfit completely personal. The first step is work with that canvas.  Is your t-shirt a plain white? Is there a pattern that you need to consider? Colors and patterns will help set the tone for any other decisions.


  • Consider your neckline. A boat neck automatically gives your outfit a more romantic vibe, while a V-neck can say “sporty” and a crew neck screams “preppy.” Decide whether to complement or contrast the existing feel.
  • Start at the top.  A statement blazer, jacket, or cardigan adds spice and excitement to the simplest of ensembles.
  • Go to the bottom.  Sassy shoes, such as eye-catching heels or tall boots, can take your outfit to the next level.
  • Accessorize! Once your clothing items and shoes are chosen, the time to have fun arrives.  Accessories can transform the simplest of outfits into something chic, formal, and amazing.  Big bangles, chunky or layered necklaces, and dangly earrings can add fun, color, and a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. 
  • Bag it. In addition to jewery, another important accessory choice is your bag. Pick one that is appropriate for day or evening, and let an unusual design or punch of color add some drama to your overall outfit.
  • Final Touches. Round out your outfit with your make-up. The simple t-shirt and jeans ensemble also lends to you picking one feature to emphasize (such as your eyes or lips).  This choice helps you keep the comfortable and laid back feel of a t-shirt and jeans. Well-manicured nails can add fun or drama, depending on your chosen color.


Through these simple steps you can easily take the most basic ensemble in your closet and turn it into a fashion-forward experience.